Great job


Rating: 5 / 5

Recently used rock warm for external wall insulation, on my home which is a post war built steel and concrete construction, what a difference it makes, the house before was always a bit chilly in winter, even with the heat on, the heat just escaping through the walls, now the house holds the heat for ages and a lot warmer when the heating isn’t on, no chilliness Gas bill already coming down, exterior looks great, you can have any colour you wont, pink, grey, blues if your daring, has put value on my house, had it valued before and after, will get my money back, so i know its a great investment both ways, saving money on gas and adding value to my house, also think it is a benefit to anyone buying a house with external insulation, making it more desirable then a property without it, the work i know can be disruptive with scaffolding and the noise but its just for a few weeks and its just the once, Well worth it for the results, If your considering it do it, i have no regrets.